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Monday, May 14, 2007

hi...its already been a week since the last post..
a little update on what happened last week. well i went for this MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist) course. well, this course concentrates a lot in using programming language to develop a website and of course the chance of a job opportunity with some Microsoft partners. i feel as thou i have wasted a week of my life cuz 1) i suck at programming and learning it more did not make much better 2) i did not go for the interview scheduled for us because i had another appointment on the same day and, 3) i will not opt for a programming job. anyhow, its good experience learning some new stuff plus, its free.
during that week, went twice for steamboat, one in cheras the other in sunway. good times with friends and got really stuffed in those two occasions. football with some friends in the weekend and man do i really need to exercise, no longer used to football after almost 3 years of futsal only..haha
oyea...went for the nokia n95 wireless adventure auditions on saturday. what is it? well, if chosen, i will get a n95 for free...doubt i will get it thou...felt as thou we screw the auditions up..with the new toy, we will enter a competition that is like a rip-off from the amazing race, winners gets a trip to rome or prague.

well, am feeling damn lousy today, hadn't has the best of starts today. i went for some interview, jammed almost have way there, parking was freaking expensive and i totally screwed the interview up. well in short, its like the interviewer asked questions that i cannot answer; technical stuff...well have to move on and take this as an experience..seriously i really felt really down feeling as thou to give up...but gotta move on.

and, about the 'girl', erm..i kinda decide to forget about it for now. lets just say i dont really have the confidence to tell her and be a better now im jobless and girl-less. i feel as thou i have wasted my campus life by not getting someone..well its the past and i gotta move on..hopefully i will find another suitable one or build the confidence to tell her how i feel ( need the moment and setting will work on it and bide my time; which i hope i still have). personally i prefer the latter. haha again, advices are

thats all for now,


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