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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taman Pertanian @ Bukit Cahaya

Went for a little cycling escapade with a bunch of friends to Bukit Cahaya earlier this morning. For those who don't know, its located in Shah Alam. Supposedly a Taman Pertanian or Agricultural Park. Still don't have a digital camera so all pictures are still taken of my phone..

Arrived there at about 9 , rented a bike and we started cycling. Its been more than 5 years ago since I last rode a bike and i do have doubts whether i can still ride one. The only biking i have done is over in the gym where the bikes are mounted and stuck to the ground. No balancing needed, just paddle.

Luckily it went well and i manage to cycle without bailing. Really tiring as the course require us to cycle up and down the hill. Great exercise no doubt. Its a pain to cycle uphill so we ended up walking up.

Its the beginning of the course and am already drained off my energy to cycle uphill.
But the rush of adrenaline and the feel of wind blowing in your hair as you speed and cycle downhill is just superb. Thankfully for the shaded setting, the air is cool and its a great place to cycle.

Our first stop was this observation tower at a supposed mushroom park but i fail to locate a single mushroom. The view atop the tower was superb and i just wish i had a better camera to capture them. But what i got was pretty decent. By this time the sun is already up and with sunbeam shining on you, you tend to get tired faster.

Proceed to cycle towards the 4 season house where it is supposedly w inter now. Just my luck, the chain of my bike had to come off and i ended up trying to reattach it to the gears but obviously failing miserably. Fortunately there's a dude there with some bike know how and he aided me to correct the damage.

Obviously its really cold in there without any jackets and anything else to keep us warm. Add a sweaty shirt. Confirm catch cold...

The we proceed to cycle more. Up and downhill to go to the fruit farm where there were supposed fruits to eat. There was none and by that time its nearing 1pm. Proceed back to the shack to return the bikes before heading for lunch.

But nothing beats a pack of ice cold lemon tea after a cycling trip on a hot day. muscle aches as i type this. How can my shoulder hurt so much when i cycle with my legs....damn

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