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Monday, November 24, 2008

Aquarium under construction

This space here is due for a more decent post now...

I came across a site somewhere in the internet which kinda inspired me to do a little somethings to my aquarium....which is to create a moss wall. Im hoping that it will turn out into something like this..

A lot has changed in my aquarium since the last 2 months...
It came from

And thanks to a certain algae attack which ended up with most of my plants dying due to the lack of nutrition thanks to the algae taking up most of them. I had to throw most of the plants away and i am left with this...

OK. I got some sword plants to place at the right corner or else it will look really bare. I decided to try experimenting and attempted to grow moss instead of plants. I had some before is it is showing signs that it is growing so i thought why not.

I went to the local hobby to get some Christmas moss ( named due to the way it grows, upwards and in a cone shape) and some Java moss ( from Java?....well i don't know).
Tied some onto the wood and attached some newer ones to the existing ones.

Thus it now look like this..

Notice the green netting at the backdrop. It is holding in the Java moss. I am really hoping that it will least sticking out of the mesh. OF course i wanted it to grow to look like the 1st picture.

See the moss in there...

My tank now looks almost like its under renovation. Plastic mesh are everywhere now...

New guy in the tank. It is currently now still hiding but it is eating.

Hoping to see it swim with the other discus in the tank soon.

On another note. 2 new additions to the family.

The dude.

The dudette.

My folks bought a pair of rabbits cause they look too damn cute. hahaha
Actualy wanted to keep rabbits for quite some time already. I don't know what breed are they thou, but they seem like a cross breed between a Netherland Dwarf and a Jersey Wolly according to a friend of mine. It has short ears and long hair. so you me..its a rabbit.

I have yet to name them thou...suggestions?

However, rabbit in, plans for a sugar glider needs to be put on hold.....

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