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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FOMCA wants to set petrol floor

I just read this through over at and we can expect a further 15 cent reduction per liter on RON97 fuel at the beginning of next month. Great news indeed, give the recent reduction of crude oil prices globally. Now at RM2/l im paying about RM80 for a full tank and with this reduction, RM70+ should suffice now. Great.

Then some genius from FOMCA ( Federation of Malaysia Consumer Association) came out and suggested to the press that they want or at least hope that the floor price for petroleum will be at RM3 per litre. His excuse? Encourage us to use less petrol to encourage more R&D in other forms of energy and to promote the use of public transport.

Encouraging the R&D in other forms of energy is really a good move actually. But he does not realise the fact the most Malaysians could not afford a hybrid car which is priced seemingly higher than a car with 2.0 displacements. Check the price for a Civic 2.0 and a Civic Hybrid.

When the price is increased to RM2.70/l a few months back, we could see the effects of it to most of the people which also prompted the hike in prices for other consumer goods. So at RM3/l we can expect to pay like RM3 for a normal pack of nasi lemak kosong? Not everyone here is as well off as you, you bastard.

Can't afford petrol prices, take public transport. Sure...rise in petrol prices will not affect the surcharges for buses, which services suck. Its not on time, passengers have to pray hard that the bus does not break down. Busses are not on time and most of it are dirty. Im sure if the services are good, none will complain. Even some housing areas do not have bus services.

LRT? Sure. Lets take for example....Wangsa Maju area has how many stops and where as Cheras has how many stations? Not to mention places like Subang where the nearest LRT they have is located in PJ. How about places outsite KL. I dont see or hear about any train stations in places like Penang or Johor. Public transport are helpful, if they are effecient and clean. Plus some bus stops are located near the highway and passengers have to walk back to the home. Feeder bus? yea sure if you are willing to wait for an hour for one. I would not complain walking in but if the government going to insure or at least assure us that the little treats like snatch theft will not happen.

Obviously this jerk who suggested it lives near a LRT station or have not really taken a public transport as he is driven around by a driver on this BMW.

On another note, Yoga is banned? Just because it is similar or resembles some Hindu prayer and has certain chants. The yoga i know only involves bending your body here and there; no chanting. Great job M'sia Government

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Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

This dude as always created more hell for us.
He should just keep his mouth shut, since ANWAR did the same...

azrin @