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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sometimes....shit happens

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I am now feeling...

As we know, its all different day, same shit. Was out on site somewhere today. Was suppose to setup or replace a print server. It all started from installing Windows into the system. As the OS was stored within the network, we had to boot from the network. And guess what,

Access Denied!!!

WTF? Its been ongoing since yesterday, and by attempt after attempt, it still shows the dreaded 'blue screen of death' ( BIOS screen is blue wert....). So try and try, and out of the blue (lol) it went through. FINALLY!!!!

Then to install the printers...all in a days work. To add a network printer, we used the IP address. done, tested and it works...yay!! then someone had to change the IP to a name for the printer, causing it to not work..Alright he seems like an IT guy and he does work in the organization, i just let him do his configurations la...And it did not work; screwing up the printer set up. So just let him play around with the settings and configuration, still did not work.

Then its when i got
and told him that if it works with IP address earlier, lets give it a try again. Then it works, try printing from a remote location, and it blardy WORKS TOO!!!!
Then i told him to do the same for the other printer and it WORKS locally as well as from a remote location.

And all that took like 15mins +-. The configuration and settings he did but to no result took almost 2 hours. As i had to be there, i was there looking at him doing his stuff, feeling really TULAN....

Really glad thats over and done with...

On the lighter note, went to Kepong for steamboat on the 1st with Ivan, Alwyn, Fiona and Jason. Did not manage to get an pictures of the food as we are all hungry famished ghost. Once it is boiled and ready, we just dug in. Verdict is, the food is good, lots of variety and quite reasonable too. No, its not a buffet but we did order what we wanted instead of the conventional sets that most steamboat outlets offer.
Tomyam soup, together with their special home made blended red and green chilli, a dash of garlic oil and some fried onions to go along with the fresh ingredients ( cant think of any other word at the moment) was the next best thing to heaven. Yes it was really that good, or im just really hungry to the level that everything tasted good. haha. Seriously is was good.

Champions League yesterday and today...
MU beating Roma at Olympico was kinda expected but 0-2 was quite a flattering scoreline I'd say. Barcelona expectedly shown their class with a 1-0 away win at Schalke. Fenebache with what would be the result of this match day with their 2-1 win over a much favored Chelsea. Arsenal being held by Liverpool at the Emirates for 1-1. OK result for Arsenal i guess, but its rather disappointing because of the possession that Arsenal enjoyed and being denied a blatant penalty when Kuyt dragged Helb down in the penalty box. However, no point dwelling in that matter.

if google's promotion tool was like this
it will be a whole lot more famous...IMO..

and something i stumble upon in a forum...

Thats all for now i guess...
Song playing as i finish this post : Freshman - Verve Pipe


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