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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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Currently listening to : Whoever Brings The Night - Nightwish.

BTW the title was so as i don't currently have any ideas what to put there....

Nightwish by the way is a Finnish rock band. The songs they play have a mixture of heavy rock as well as some slower beats. No, they are not new; they have been around for awhile already, not really well known at our shores. Speaking of which....
ITS HERE!!!!!!
Thanks to Kazuki for helping me getting this album via e-bay. Got hooked to it since i 1st heard their songs and now i can even enjoy them in the car. haha. Went over to MidValley and also saw this album at one of the record stores there; the one opposite Nike. Gutted at first knowning that i gone through all the trouble of getting it via e-bay. Then i saw the price...RM46.80 when i only got mine for like half the price.

I damn like the song Last Of The Wilds from this album. Its an instrumental song, with the beat and rhythm of an Irish Dance tune. Soothing and really nice..
I also got a version where there are singing in it, but it was sung in Finnish and i could bare understand what is mentioned there. BTW, the songs in the album are in English...

have a contest where, if you registered with them, they calling you and you having a Sean Kingston caller ring tone, you automatically win 4 passes to watch that chubby dude perform in Zouk. I'm not really a huge fan of his; but i guess why got give it a try. So i registered with them and one fine day....last Friday to be exact,
The DJ from, if i'm not mistaken, it was Jin; contacted me. I was shocked as i wasn't really hoping to win.
This is how it goes, if i remember clearly that is..

me: Helo?
Jin: is this Daniel?
me: ya.....
Jin: you just won 4 passes to watch Sean Kingston live at Zouk!!!!
me: wow...thats great...
Jin: now scream like a girl
me: .....

ok the last 2 line was added by myself here as i don't really remember what was spoken there...

So, i got 4 passes to watch this chubby dude at Zouk.
Ok lar...just go there and have some fun and release some work stress.
The concert will be at Zouk this 11th of April. from 9pm onwards...

Currently i have been thinking of try a new hobby. I've been reading about and considering about rearing and breeding crystal shrimps..

Pretty aren't they. But they are rather costly in the market, with the lowest grade ( those with more red than white) comes to about RM10 each. High grade ones ( those with more white or have some distinctive red pattern on them) can reach the hundreds each, They aren't that big either, with most of them are no longer that the diameter of a 20cent coin. Feeding won't be that much a problem thou as they feed on vegetation, so a cut of cucumber or tomato would suffice. Problem will be the shrimps itself, an big enough aquarium; 2 ft at least if you wanna breed them, lightings as well as moss and water vegetations for them to munch on. Heard they groom the moss rather than eat them.

Guess now i would just settle with this

Sadly, those are not my fish. haha. I'm just settling at aquascaping and rearing discus and other ornamental fish.
This is not my tank too....but this is mine...

Not as impressive...haha. Those pictures are outdated, have not taken a picture of it now..lazy
Too bad i cant put crystal shrimps in here else they will be eaten as soon as they enter the tank.

So another note. Arsenal crash out of the UCL in a 5-3 aggregate to Liverpool. What i would say is the referee influenced this result. A clear penalty where Kuyt dragged Hleb down in the penalty box in the 1st leg was not given. That game ended 1-1. In the 2nd leg, it was 2-2 in the 84th minute with Arsenal looking to go thru via the away goals rule. A minute later, Babel was judged to have been fouled by Toure and a penalty was given. The challenge was from outside the box so it should be a free kick, Babel went looking for a penalty, in other words he dived, and its a soft penalty to give. Many said the Kuyt-Hleb incident warrants a penalty rather than the Babel - Toure incident. Its done, Steven Gerrard buried the resulting penalty and Babel went on to add another when Arsenal was pushing for another goal in the last minute of the game.

Well, IMO, Arsenal often get decisions against them where they are not the 'big' team compared to the likes of Liverpool or Barcelona. Decisions always goes against Arsenal. I would say the three games against Liverpool was overshadowed by some poor referee decisions, especially both the UCL ties. What to do, we are hated....sigh...

Song as i end this blog : Bye Bye Beautiful - Nighwish



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