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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update....since cny.

Wow....its been a while since, guess im just getting lazy or there is just nothing much to blog about.
Anyway, CNY has been great, even with the lesser angpows. That is apart from going down with flu for the first few days of CNY...that is.....sucked rite?

A doze of panadol, 100Plus helped cool down the fever abit and even now i am experiencing some shitty sore throat that just wont go away....its already been a month since the throat start aching....dammit.

That aside, CNY is the time where we visit friends to get angpao as well as to get a round of card/mahjung games. Thou our crowd tend to be small, we ended up playing 'chor tai ti' and when theres enough ppl, we do Blackjacks and some other games which im not quite sure of its english name; one of it being " fher luung moon" or to put it bluntly, " shoot at the goal" ....whatever..
There are wins and there are loses, and i would say i lost more than what i luck.
Winner will always need to spend the group for dinner or some meal; at least for yumcha sessions lar...
Yesterday we sped down to PD for BBQ. why? cuz we got nothing better to do. We left the house at about 730pm; went to econsave and jusco to get our you can see, pretty last minute..
left at bout 830 and reached that place at around 930-10...cant really remember. set the fire and start eating , and left for home at about 1230.

That aside....

Great for Manchester City to gun down United on their big day; the 50th anniversary of the Munich Disaster. After that result; Arsenal beating Blackburn was crucial to make full advantage of the Manchester result as well as the bore draw between Chelsea and Liverpool. That game was so boring till i got my PSP to play while watching..seriously...
But Liverpool came closest to winning, but with their finishing recently, they will finish within the top 5 or 6; not the top 4. 12 games left; anything could happen. Thou i hope what ever happens, it happens from the 2nd position onwards as the title will be Arsenals!!! Can't really blame a guy for hoping right?

Weekend FA Cup clash between United and Arsenal; great game up the cards. Kinda takes off the gloss from the other FA Cup clashes. it could get any better than this. Will just have to watch it to find out the results.....our you could wait for the results in the papers the day after.

On a weaker note....
Another lonely valentines day. no date no plans no activities....sigh..
i guess i just dont see enough people and just failing to take the chances that come forth..
Sigh, my targets are all taken; and i dont really have anyone else to call as yet....
Now i feel like " looking for a deep enough drain to jump/fall into"

anyway happy valentines


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