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Monday, October 09, 2006

a very very strong word that seems to describe most of us. am i wrong? well maybe. most of us have d attitude of delaying our work. thats wat im experienceing the past week. last week supposedly be the kickoff , thebeginning, the greenlight of my final year project. lets just say my current progress is erm..0.01%. yep. there is progress, i openned the book and read 3 damn pages, which i think i oni understood 1/2 page? anyhow, 0.01% is better than 0%. SCREW IT!! once i opened my book, my ps2, laptop, n tv somehow call for me. some unexplainable spell put on to me by them often summons me to them. a voice within me from them seems to always tell me, " on me and play the games, your favourite show is one..bla bla bla" with this spell, resistance is futile. then i will tell myself, i got plenty of time, the book can wait...ARGH!!
anyhow, time passed it gone, it will not wait.. so why not cherish d momery instead of regreting it.

Anyway today, my progress improved a bit, boredom kicks in and i seem to have surrendered to the books, those dreaded books. read and read and read, understand i think only half of it. nevermind that, its just reading, yea..then understanding, applying, etc etc etc..X(

OH ya..since last week, the haze seem to be back. before i read d news about the haze, in the morning i though it was gona be a cool breezy day, with rain waitng in the corner, waiting to pour. the sun is hiding for most of the time. waited and waited and waited for rain. but.nooOOoo
blasted neighbours, burning forest, for their use at the expense of us. screw them. cant they think of a more contructive and non-pollutant way to clear ther land or watever the burn their forest for...sheer excitement?
"oi, tengok tu, api..doh, cantik, merah merah, makin besar pulak dia, boleh besar pulak. meh, beranak pula(fire spreading), meh aku bikin kawan kawan untuk dia"
anyway haze leads to tonnes of health problems to who are having breathing difficulties. things are not helped with the already immense amount of polution that is already in this country. open burning is also at large here.
its so smokey and hazy everywhere, it seems like, yea its only seen like, not felt like; we are at some highland, or our country seem to have rocketed to a higher level above the sea level, a LOT higher. everything is blur, it smells and its getting way way humid. with haze we need to lessen outdoor activites, no more outdoor jogging, swimming( theres a coat of dust above the water), football, futsal, etc etc. only thing left is indoor sports, which we have to pay for. haih..

nth more to write there...its full of crap i noe..


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