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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Alast...due to the boredom i endured during my sem break, i decided to start a blog...hopefully it helps me kill time, although not a lot.

1st blog here, dont expect much..well tis 230am now btw...cant sleep...sleepy, tired, exhausted..but cant sleep...insomnia? perhaps..
anyway just got back from a party just now..was fun..well..its a place where, everyone sat on little cushioned mats(duno wat its called) and besides that we could do other things there, its porvided..played mahjong, uno, 'tai ti' and jenga there. food was ummm i would say ok la...its not exceptaionally good but its not bad. after that went to watch footie at some mamak...drink again...swt..

perhaps relaxation time after exams will soon end. its been TWO weeks after the last paper...wilted and rotted a way while den. 3 months holiday seems to be more of a curse than a blessing...depending on which direction u see it from. gonna have to start my FINAL YEAR PROJECT soon...screw that...i dont even know what and how to do...i m sooooo DEAD..but anyhow..wat has to be done, needs to be done...sooner or later..hopefully can finish it d referece books, 4 of them...all frigging thick..have to read it to start on my project...but once to book opens, my eyes start to close...will its a battery's required..furthermore, its not words and pictures.(heh) its words, words and more words with a large overdose to programming jibberish which dont even make sense...well actually it does. well better start it soon, like it or not...

thats all for going to try and sleep again....heh


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