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Friday, November 10, 2006

story of my life

long time no much to write about. boring boring boring life...nth much happening. people say we sould seize the moment..but wat if the right moment just never occur to oneself, or a thick wall defying us from it...i dont know.

im kinda feeling very grouchy these few days..i dont know why..even when driving. shud a motorbike or car cut in front of me without signaling(even with or without safe distance), jumping queue, stuck in a jam; given d chance i would horn d crap out of them or would just curse them. i think every would feel d same way. 2 cases stood out that really annoy the hell outta me
1. this lady parked her estime right at an exit. the ass of the car was blocking about 1/2 of the space provided for cars to exit. worse comes to worse. d exit was a slope..hell for stick car drivers. may be for some auto drivers too. so as i was about to exit, wait apparently i cant. coz d car;s ass was too huge, so i horned d shit outta her and he gave me this wat-the-hell-i -have-done look. after that 'look', she returned to wat she was doin..checking her makeup..i was continued horning, and when she looked, show her some hand gestures in case she is too dumb to understand that the needs to get d hell out of there or start driving a smaller car.

2. another was this bike..i was on a road with only 1 lane, so overtaking would be like impossible. a bike in fornt of my car apparently think it was a great time for a stroll. riding slowly.oblivious to their surroundings. 1st dey where n d middle of d lane. after awhile dey moved aside, i thought it was a chance to overtake so i started 2 speed up. as soon that they were back in d middle, mind u i almost knocked dem over. they rode as though their granddad owned d road. during dat incident i almost ran them over thrice..afer horning them..i get d wat-i-have-done-look.

wat alot people get is drivers trying to shift lanes when approaching toll booth. 1st they looked odds-on for the smart tag lane, then they realised.."wait a minute, i have no smart tag" then d toucn n go lane, then realised" i have not touch n go". after all tat " wat the hell, i'll jsut cut my wat all d wat to d cash lane". i say "fark u, keep to ur lane dammit. wat d hell i ur frickin problem dat u wanna endanger others. if u wanna die, go to 1 corner n stab yourself" y this? they would cut in front of u with speed, no signal, oblivious of your existance and thinking that hes done d right thing.

another thing. i hate organizing futsal. it always had to be me. y? coz i hold d membershp card. ok i accept that. but you guys can sure help by not ffk-ing in d last moment or giving pointless reasons why u cant come. i DO respect your reasons. but reasons about u not having money n yet u end up at d cybercafe..i rest my case. maybe some are broke coz they have to support their partners..well i say...being single has its advantages..hehe
well, if u are not least have the courtesy to reply my messages stating that u cant make it. is it dat hard to do? ok..smses are 'costly' so they say. but not even a reply on i too need to ue my hp credit to sms u guys to ask u to join. i nd to send to around 10-11 people n u just need to reply only me.
d dude at d court was nice enough to reserve a court for us every week n we are not apporeciating it...i know that i have reserved it using members priviledges, but 3 cancelation and my booking will be void..d dude was so kind to overlook it as i already canceled my bookings countless times; and my court there still stands.

nth more 2 day..damn dis whole post is abt complains..sigh..


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