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Friday, February 13, 2009

Solving the rubik's cube

I bet most of you have seen this, and some of you might even own one. And to those people, i bet most of you are able to solve it as well.

Once, i am unable to solve this classic puzzle, not to mention not being able to even get 1 side with the same color. I gave up on it. I started again after i saw it on market the other day, so i thought, why not? I just grab it for RM6, scrambled it up and got to it again

Now, its not a matter whether i can solve it or not, its the matter of how fast i can solve it. No matter how scrambled it is, i can get the colors on all 6 sides; depending of course the pieces were not taken out and scrambled.

I think its kinda like everything we go through everyday. Life can be simple; like an unscrambled cube. But with some twist and turn, everything can turn messy, mixed up and disoriented. However with some simple, measured moves, a few right turns ( or left) everything can be organized and neat again.

In short, no matter how messed up your life is, how down you are feeling at the very moment, things will turn out to be better, if the right decisions are made. Nothing is served on a silver platter or laid on roses for us ( unless you are freaking rich), we must make our own strides to make our lives less complicated.


Anonymous said...

Get a scissors and cut ur emo self. hahhahahhahahhaha...

No money for guessing who this is.

Anonymous said...

Jangan emo-emo

Gunalah Eye-Mo :)

Andrew said...

love you final paragraph... it meant alot to me!! =D thanks bro!! see you soon man!! call me la when u come menjalara!! =D