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Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random things

A friend asked me to write this. I resisted at first but eventually gave in. Again to take my mind of somethings. So here goes..

1. I once touched a kerosene lamp and left my finger there before realizing its freaking hot and it hurts.

2. Some call me Daniel, while some call me YewGinn and even some once called me telur -_- (all because i ordered nasi lemak + telur rebus)

3. I enjoy all kinds of music, depending on my mood and whatever that comes up on my play list.

4. I would say i know how to play the Clarinet and the Saxophone, but its been at least 5 years since I last touched them.

5. I tried to learn how to play the guitar but lacked the discipline.

6. I have an aquarium which i have been maintaining since I was 16. Now with some income, i could do more with it.

7. I have an extra bone sticking out at my right shin. It does not hurt and i did not realize it until i did an x-ray of my right leg

8. Speaking of right legs, i once damaged some ligaments at my right ankle from a basketball game which led to me requiring the x-ray

9. I enjoy eating but never enjoyed onions, cheese and durians.

10. I like playing football/futsal , badminton and i enjoy swimming. But never really a good at them; thou I am not that worse off.

11. I like to draw and i regretted not pursuing a career in designing.

12. I used to drive a 1985 Nissan Sunny and planned to overhaul it, until it got stolen. I am now driving a Honda City.

13. I am a supporter of Arsenal FC, since the day I saw them beat MU 3-0. That was like 10 years ago. The other reason is because i enjoyed watching Dennis Bergkamp playing football.

14. I plan to visit the Emirates Stadium one day before i die.

15. I don't really enjoy reading. When reading the papers the 1st thing i'll read its the sports section, followed by the comics section then only i will look for something to read from the news section.

16. I can't tell left from right when i was younger. My guide will be the birth mark i got at my left finger.

17. A friend has been trying to sell me his bike and i admit that i am a bit tempted to got mountain biking one day. But its damn expensive.

18. I always munch all of the ice cubes in my drink after i finish my drink.

19. I did ponder about going into photography but all i can afford now is a digital camera, not a D-SLR.

20. I like to travel but often lack the funds or a travel companion.

21. I think winning in gambling is very contagious. The thrill keeps bringing you back and you won't even feel a thing when you lose...

22. I joined Fitness First in an attempt to lose some weight. And after awhile i think i look better than before but my weight does not seem to change. Wasted?

23. I climbed Bukit Tabur once after hearing so much about it. Now i want to try rock climbing, play paintball, white water raft and bungee jump.

24. I hate roller coaster rides and anything that goes slow, then fast ,then slow again and then fast...... But i like driving fast...

25. I felt as thou i have wasted some 30 minutes of my life writing this.

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