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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stan Lee

ever notice, the creator of Marvel comics, Stan Lee made cameo appearances on all Marvel related movies?
X-men, Spiderman , Fantastic 4, Hulk, Ironman?
Stan Lee fans would notice it but will most movie goes notice it?

This is Stan Lee by the way

Check it out yourself. He's the old looking dude with white hair and wears sunglasses in most of the scenes. Something like the one above.

By the way, I just came back from watching the Hulk. Pretty short in some what interesting. Nothing beats Ironman still. What sucks is that most of what shown in the trailers...are not in the theatrical release. I hear there is an extra 70 minute of deleted scene which will only be released on a blu-ray. It kinda sucked if you dont have a PS3 when its out....if u're a Hulk fan that is.
And no, the much anticipated Ironman vs Hulk thing, is not in the movie. It may be in the 70 minutes deleted scene thou. BTW, the dude who as talking to General Ross in the end was none other than Tony Stark aka case u didn't notice. and the 'we' meant there is most likely the Avengers. Coincidence? guess not...haha

and for those who did not notice or watch the after credits ending of Ironman, it was about Nick Fury talking to Tony Stark about the Avengers.

Did I spoil enough for those who did not watch? haha

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