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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petrol Hike..RM1.92 > RM2.70

The inevitable has happened. The much talk about reduced subsidy of petrol prices since last year, i think, has happened.

Gone are the days where we enjoy RM1.92 per liter of petrol as our beloved government decided to remove the subsidy, raising the price of petrol to RM2.70 per liter.

And there rumors that it may still go up as we approach August given the increase of crude oil prices around the world. It will not soon before long that we will need to pay market prices for petrol which is about RM3.20 per liter before tax. After taxing it, it should be touching the RM4 per liter line. Those are the stipulated 'market price' of petroleum around the they say.

Obviously most of us do not take this without a pinch of salt as it greatly affects drivers especially those form the middle or lower class in terms of income. Not only its harder for us to fork out a certain amount of money just to get ourselves from one place to another, but it will greatly affect our life style.

I just calculated my own car petrol price. When it was at RM1.92 per liter, a full tank for my car will be around RM67-RM69, approximately 35litres. Now with that hike, i will be paying RM97 for a full tanks for petrol. its about at 40% increase. How can it not affect the lifestyle of people.
Prices are on a rise but our pays are not really keeping up with it, not the way we like it.

Some may argue, don't drive; take a public transport. I'd say screw that. Our public transport system are everything but efficient. Not to mention safety is neglected for commuters of public transportation. I remembered once waiting nearly 2 hours for a bus which then takes another hour plus just to get me home. 3 hours wasted for nothing? I dare say that the hike wont affect cause that much concern if and only if our public transport system is a lot more efficient. The way it is managed leads to the need of everyone owning a car of their own in order to get from place to place.

Now it seems driving here is not really the way to go. Road tax cause relatively high...for cars with higher cc, car duty is enormous, tolls are damn expensive and now a liter of petrol can almost buy u a plate of nasi lemak tambah telur dadar + ais kosong.

I kinda foresee inflation happening as an increase of petrol will definitely lead to increase of prices of stuff every where...namely food. Even the price of padi has increased by 100%. Soon long gone will be the days where we have Nasi Kandar Ayam for less than RM5 at our regular mamaks. If this goes on, it may be a lot cheaper eating fast food.

As i type this, people are now making their way into petrol stations trying to get the 'cheap' petrol that will be no more as off midnight today. Its kinda like a war field there. People trying to get into petrol kiosk queuing up to wait for their turn...its madness i tell u.
I cant imagine the situation in Taman Connaught now. The infamous night market is there today, already causing a congestion there. Now add the 2 petrol kiosk there and god knows the number of cars there...both getting to the pasar malam as well as trying to get the last drops of RM1.92 petrol.

Thanks to Earl aka. for giving me the heads up at 4pm today and i filled up my tank at 5pm while the news have not reach many and petrol kiosk are still relatively empty. I can still take my time to clean my windscreen. Try doing that at 9pm. you might just get slaughtered.

A short video from Earl and u know what i mean

Thats all for now..byebye RM1.92/l petrol.


tsc said...

I spent almost 30 minutes queuing up for the petrol..the rakyat is going to be very mad

p/s: u spelled my name wrongly

Daniel said...

30 minutes is nothing. It took me close to an hour just to get out from an area because of the congestions in front a petrol station. Crazee