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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Shits that happen at OldTown Cafe... do i put this in a nice way...

Well, when one goes to a seemingly established food joint; OLD TOWN CAFE; one would expect somewhat a good and professional service.

However, that is not the case in our last visit there. As most frequent visitors to the cafe knows, we more or less check what we want to order and a piece of slip before handing it over to the waiter to get our orders done. So happens, there are new dishes available that is not on the piece of slip there. A Golden Pratha with Sausage and a plain one without the sausage; with butter and kaya I presume.

So we ordered the one with the sausage with the waiter. He does not seem local and as he repeated the order; he got the pratha with sausage order wrong, so what we did was we reiterate what we ordered so and hoped he does not get it wrong. He acknowledged that he got it right.

Guess what....

As it was served, it was the wrong order. We insist them to change it but he needs to consult his manager. His manager insisted that this order cannot be replaced and we will have to settle for it and order another one...I was like..WTF; and called for the manager..

So the manager came....all hell kinda broke loose. He insisted that the waiter repeated the order; but to us, it just wasnt repeated right. He kept insisting that we confirmed the order; but as we asked the waiter to repeat the order, they just left. WTF!!!
They voided the wrong order, as demanded by our part; but did not even serve us the correct order..


Not only he did not offered to replace the wrong meal which we were in a way cool with it, we don't play for what we did not order la. But not even a word of apology after making a mistake and came blaming us for that mistake? Moreover SHOUTING at us?

We soon found out the he was not even the damn manager; he is just the f$@king cashier. We called for manager and THE damn cashier came? about walking in other people's shoe. Since when did he think he is the manager of that damn joint?

I personally dont blame the waiter but am rather pissed at the so called "manager" for managing the store and treating the customers the way he did. We did not really get his name, but somehow or rather, im planning to actually shoot out a complain letter to the head office of OLD TOWN COFFEE CAFE or watever its called.

We may not boycott the place as its kinda like a nice place to hang out, but if this SHIT continue to happen , we may just boycott the store for another branch nearby.

Btw, the branch I'm talking about is the one at Jaya1 ( correct me) at section 13 PJ.


1 comment:

Lawrence said...

I dun understand why they couldn't just apologize and get the right order for u guys...wat's so hard of doin tat.